Try Legal Weed - About the Weed Ales Bottle Caps


"Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. is a small microbrewery located in Weed, CA (40 miles south of the Oregon border on interstate 5, off exit 747). We brew beers that carry the name of our geographic area and its people. Abner Weed Amber Ale (founder of the town of Weed and a CA state Senator); Weed Golden Ale (named after the town), Mountain High IPA (because MSBC sits high on the apron of Mt. Shasta); Shastafarian Porter(named for the many groups that focus on our great Mt. Shasta); and Lemurian Lager (named after the elusive beings in local folklore who inhabit Mt. Shasta).

MSBC has been producing and selling our famous kegged beer since 2003, and bottles since 2004. Our first labels had generic bottle caps. The "Try Legal Weed" bottle caps were the brainchild of entrepreneurs of the business. The first challenge came when the largest national bottle company, who produces the bottle caps, challenged our message. However, attorneys for the company agreed our caps were not encouraging drug use and were legal to produce. And so, MSBC began putting these caps on their bottles to the amusement of many patrons. MSBC developed a new beer that was very popular in the brewery, Lemurian Lager, and decided to produce it in bottles. When the label application was submitted to ATF, they refused to approve our label, due to the wording on the bottle cap, as they felt it made an illegal reference to drug use. MSBC asked ATF to reconsider their opinion since corporate attorneys who reviewed our slogan had approved its production.

Our brewery is located in Weed, and MSBC is trying to encourage people to buy legal, not illegal product. ATF refused to change their decision. The bottle cap is not allowed on our Lemurian Lager bottles! The label was resubmitted with a blank bottle cap and received ATF approval. MSBC then sent letters to Congressional representatives who requested ATF reconsider their decision. ATF said they would and will publish their opinion within 45 days. A letter from our local supervisor requesting ATF approve the bottle cap made it into the hands of a local newspaper and the rest is history!

Thank you for your support of our small California town and our famous name-WEED!"

Vaune & Barbara Dillmann
Mt. Shasta Brewing Company Owners

"We brew fantastically delicious beer with pure tasty mountain spring water. We put pride and love in every pint and bottle we create, and we urge everyone to give it a try! Our product is legal and it is brewed, filled and capped in Weed, not with weeds. Although, chamomile and dandelions would make an interesting ale..."

Josh Riggs
Weed Brewer


8.8.8 Update

To each and everyone of you, locally, across the United States, and around the world, who supported our "Try Legal Weed" bottle caps:

The Mt. Shasta Brewing Company THANKS YOU!

Whether you sent us a personal message, contacted TTB, told your family or friends, contributed to our TTB appeal by purchasing some of our products, or just shook your head in disbelief, we wholeheartedly thank you for your unanimous, unwavering support. The Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. proudly announces that TTB has granted our "Try Legal Weed" bottle cap appeal. TTB only asks us to formally apply again to use our logo and slogan.

On August 4, 2008, we recieved a certified letter from TTB stating, "Based on the context of the entire label, we agree that the phrase in question refers to the brand name of the product and does not mislead consumers." After all of this, TTB now acknowledges Weed is our town existing legally within the United States and is not a drug reference! YES!


All of us at Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. are celebrating our success. It could not have been accomplished without your support! Our bottles will once again be adorned with our famous "Try Legal Weed" bottle caps. Please ask for our Weed Ales and Lagers at your local ales and lager establishments.

Cheers to you all and God bless our America!

Vaune Dillmann and our Brew Crew at the Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.
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