About Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. is a family-owned micro-brewery. Our brewery derives its name from the majestic mountain – Mt. Shasta.  Our brewery was retrofitted from the historic Medo-Bel Creamery to provide a unique destination for microbrew enthusiasts.

At the Weed Alehouse Bistro, we create several unique flavors of beer, that’s sure to make you love us more. We prepare several seasonal flavored beers besides our most-loved five varieties.


  • Lemurian lager.
  • Weed golden ale.
  • Mountain high IPA.
  • Shastafarian porter.
  • Abner Weed's amber ale.


Our beers guarantee to please your palate.  

The Tour

Take a tour of our brewery. We are sure that you will love the high-quality process through which we make the best beer for you.


Main Brew Menu

Our goal is to make a line of high-quality lagers and ales that will be renowned for their superb taste. Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. is a microbrewery, established in Weed, CA which is the hometown of premium products.

The fifteen barrel brewhouse originated from the University of California. We use a Pub brewing company system.  This is an efficient operation producing our renowned beers.

Bottling Room

Our bottling line uses a 1995 Italian counter pressure filler. It is capable of bottling approximately one thousand cases a day. There is less than 1% oxygen in each bottle which guarantees high-quality of the brews.


Our bistro features great food and drinks, a gift store, memorabilia and displays the transition of the brewery. We would like you to taste our brews before purcahsing. Our souvenirs and gifts are great for the holidays. We offer a selection of wine as well.

Our History

Welcome to Mount Shasta Brewing Company

In 1992, we renovated the old Medo-Bel Creamery that was built-in 1952. It had fallen into disrepair and was within three days of being auctioned for taxes when Vaune Dillmann purchased the property in 1992. His life-long dream had been to follow in the footsteps of his German ancestors who were in brewing-related businesses. This prime location near Interstate 5 and College of the Siskiyous was the perfect site.


The first challenge was to clean up the contaminated soil caused by an underground gasoline tank. Vaune wrote a grant and was awarded a $995,000 from the CA Clean Up Fund. It took over seven years of daily restoration before the property received a clean bill of health from the CA Regional Water Quality Control Board (CRWQCB) on May 1999.

In August, on a visit to family in Minnesota, Vaune got sidetracked and toured St. Paul's Summit Brewery. He found 1938 25 BBL German brew House Summit had outgrown and was willing to sell. It was shipped to Weed, and a significant renovation began to retrofit the old creamery. Which was sold. A smaller 15 BBL PUB system was purchased to get the brewery started and develop sales. Vaune's first brew was made for his daughter's wedding.


First Brew in 2003


It was in 2003 that we brewed the first beer called Weed Golden Ale in kegs. As our town was named after Abner Weed, founder of the first lumber mill, the family of Mr. Weed authorized "Abner Weed Amber Ale" in his honor.

Two months before we sold our first brew, a disaster occurred when Butte Creek Brewery of Chico, CA, patented a beer called Mt. Shasta Pale Ale. They sued MSBC for the right to take the Mt. Shasta Brewing Company name but lost.

Bottled Beer


We started producing bottled beer in 2005 to increase distribution throughout the west coast. We have liquor licenses for the states of California, Oregon, Pennslyvania, and Washington. Tap handles, bottle labels, and growlers were designed to include an actual picture of the beautiful Mt. Shasta, and Vaune's Weed Arch, now the gateway to our town.

In 2008, we submitted the Lemurian Lager label for approval of the logo. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) would not approve the label until the "Try Legal Weed" bottle cap was removed. Vaune appeared on regional and national TV shows, radio talk shows, and was interviewed by newspaper reporters from around the world that TTB would challenge free speech.

The American Civil Liberties Union was willing to take the case to the Supreme Court. Eventually, TTB granted the challenge and reversed their decision. Our beers now proudly displace the "Try Legal Weed" bottle caps throughout the nation.

Weed &The Arch


In 1987, we engineered the construction of the arch over the entrance to Weed, replacing the original concrete arch erected in 1920. It may be recalled that in 1963, city fathers could not find drawings for the old arch, were concerned it would collapse and tore it down. Demolition took over three weeks as the structure was steel railroad track.

When International Paper Company closed its doors and laid off 400 employees in the 1980s, the future appeared very bleak for Weed. A large group of people developed activities that would unite the town behind a project for its future.

The idea of a new arch was born! The arch was constructed of metal with natural rock pillars. Companies contributed metal, shipping, land, rockwork; students from schools drew pictures of the arch; football players and community service organizations moved the rock.

A geodetic national survey marker was installed in each column, permanently insuring the longevity of this arch. State Congressman Stan Statham dedicated the arch on December 25, 1988. Weed had its identity once again!


Vaune Dillmann – The Man

The son of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin German father and Polish mother, youngest of five children, Vaune grew up in the fine tradition of the great breweries.

It was his dream to open his brewery. In 1992, Vaune negotiated an agreement with the Belcastro family to purchase the Medo-Bel Creamery and develop it into a microbrewery.

For twenty four years, the project has evolved, bringing together a combination of the new and old. He received the approval of the Abner Weed family to use the name of Weed on his first brew, Abner Weed's Amber Ale. Vaune restored many artifacts from various areas of the county, and fascinating fixtures adorn the interior of our building.

Try legal Weed, today!